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     BSW, Bachelor of Social Work, an undergraduate programme in Social Work offered by Kerala University, was started in CHMM College for Advanced Studies in the year 2020. The three- year, six semester course trains and nurtures young social work practitioners to deal with social issues by creating awareness and imparting social work skills, values and knowledge.

     Course Highlight

    ·          The course offers 19 core courses including the six social work methods, four complementary papers, two electives and research-oriented project work.

    ·          Along with the theory papers, Social Work practitioners have field practicum in every semester consisting of exposure visits to agencies of social work scope, rural camp to explore rural life and living, concurrent field work in community-based settings and agency based and block placement.

    ·          A successful completion of the course equips practitioners with adequate skill, knowledge and practical experience to work with individuals, groups and communities.

     Along with theory and field practicums, there are assignments, seminars, training workshops, awareness sessions , event organisation, observation of days to build and embed professional abilities of social work practitioners.

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    Reena R Pillai

    Assistant Professor & HOD

    Dr. Minu M Kumar

    Assistant Professor

    Sujithra Soman

    Assistant Professor

    Bushra S

    Assistant Professor

    Jobin J

    Assistant Professor

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    2020 71.42%

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    PRA Training

    PRA – Participatory Rural Appraisal is a citizen centred methodology used to empower communities. Professional social workers act as catalyst, a facilitator and convenor of the process within a community enabling people to share, enhance and analyse people’s knowledge of life and conditions and to plan, act, monitor and evaluate. A training on this methodology was conducted for the BSW practitioners on 14 June 2022 at CHMM College for Advanced Studies by the team led by Dr. M. Pradeep Kumar (Honorary Consultant- Research and Training, Green Village) and Dr. Vishnu J. Menon (Head, Research and Projects, Green Village). The training imparted theoretical aspects of PRA and gave practical orientations on its different tools. Social Work practitioners thus had an enriching exposure on PRA and became adept in using the methodology. Practitioners were also distributed with certificate in recognition for their participation by the revered chairman of METCA group of institutions Sri. Sainulabdeen Poonthottam.

    Exposure visit

    The Department of Social Work, CHMM College for Advanced Studies observed the day by conducting a cleaning drive in the Anchuthengu beach on 21 March, 2022. As pat of field practicum, social work practitioners visited Anchuthengu and observed waste piled up in public spaces, beach and plastic menace in and around church yard. Hence it was decided to clean the area to acknowledge the social work day and to create awareness among community on the need of proper waste management. One day before the cleaning drive, an awareness session was organised, for the youth members and TSSS volunteers of the community on waste management and adoption of green protocol with the help of resource person from Green Village ( a registered NGO working at Sasthamangalam, TVM). On the day of cleaning drive, the first year and second year BSW practitioners gathered in the decided area and were divided into three groups headed by the faculty supervisors. From 10.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. they collected the waste materials from beach as well as from the church premise. After collecting the wastes, it was audited and segregated to be discarded accordingly. The collected wastes were handed over to the Haritha grama-sena of the panchayath. The waste audit details were recorded in a chart and displayed in the church to sensitize the community . With proper planning and assistance form the TSSS and the church representatives , the event went well.