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    (6 semester course) 

                      B.Com TTM was started in CHMM college during the academic year 2005-2006. The sanctioned strength was 30 in the beginning and was subsequently increased to 60. Seven batches have completed their course so far.

                        The department of travel & tourism management is one of the best departments in the college. B.Com TTM is an under graduate programme which has high acceptability now. The course mainly focuses on the analytical and operational talents required to solve the problems faced by the tourism sector. The latest trends in the industry are constantly monitored by the department and the students are exposed to them. The faculty members of the department at CHMM college are very efficient and experienced and are very keen in transforming the students in to vibrant youth equipped with sufficient knowledge and exposure to address all requirements of the modern global tourism industry. In addition to class room teaching, students are given one month practical training in reputed firms in hospitality industry and travel agencies, so as to enable them to understand the intricacies of the hospitality industry. The students are required to conduct a study tour of not less than one week to various destinations in the sector to boost their practical knowledge. Academic seminars are organized to introduce the students to the latest trends in the industry, and to boost employment opportunities.
                   The B.Com TTM department in CHMM college is equipped with a well stacked library with sufficient volumes of related books in tourism and other commerce subjects. It also includes volumes of all currently published national and international journals.

  • Staff Profile

    Anil Ahmad Ansari A

    Assistant Professor & HOD

    Rejimol R

    Assistant Professor

    Siji R

    Assistant Professor

    Raji K R

    Assistant Professor

    Princy Shaji

    Assistant Professor

  • Results

    2010 66.05%
    2011 56.60%
    2012 61.70%
    2013 13.95%
    2014 28.60%
    2015 23.81%
    2016 12.19%
    2017 27.27%
    2018 15.56%
    2019 11.00%
    2020 10.00%

    Rank Holders

    Name : Sajith starry

    Year : 2006-2009

    Rank : 1st

    Name : jijin jyothi babu

    Year : 2006-2009

    Rank : 5th

    Name : Seeja M Das

    Year : 2008-2011

    Rank : 1st

    Name : NABEESA.S

    Year : 2018-21

    Rank : Second

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