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     (6 Semester Course)

    B.Com. Co-operation course at CHMM college for advanced studies was started in the year 2017. Traditional system of accounting has given way to computerized accounting the world over. The B.Com. course at CHMM has got Co-operation as an elective paper. Through efficient coaching we train the B.Com. students to meet all challenges posed by the global industrial and business sector. The students go out of the CHMM college with in depth knowledge in the subjects and with self confidence to address even the most complicated problems of the business sector especially in the context of globalized environment. Many of our students undertake project works of Bank and similar institutions and earn handsome remuneration while they continue their studies with the help of teachers.

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    Assistant Professor & HOD


    Assistant Professor


    Assistant Professor

    Dr. Thansiya.N

    Assistant Professor

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    2017 34.61%
    2018 35.56%
    2019 8.88%
    2020 11.32%

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