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    (6 semester degree course)

                           The department of BBA in CHMM college was started in the year 2009. Three batches have completed the course so far. The department has been functioning well through activities such as module wise test paper, presentations, group discussion, debates, series test, model examination, assignment etc. monthly attendance statement and PTA meeting twice a semester are our specialty.

                       This Degree is designed to give a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a company and their inter connections while allowing for specialization in any particular area. The degree course is programmed to develop a student’s practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision making capabilities.

                      The department of BBA in CHMM college has been continuously making, results better than that of the university average. We got 4th rank in the university exam in 2014 and  100 percentage pass out.

                      All the students in the department are part of various clubs in CHMM college. The energetic and enthusiastic participation of the BBA students in these club, and the discipline they maintain add to their strength to mend a better future for themselves and for the country. The CHMM team is here to guide them. A well furnished library with e-reading facility is available. We conduct semester wise industrial visit and seminars regularly.


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    Dr. Thansiya N

    Assistant Professor & HOD


    Assistant Professor

    Nisha Ashraf

    Assistant Professor

    Faizal S

    Assistant Professor

    Ananthu A S

    Assistant Professor

  • Results

    2010 34.29%
    2011 80.49%
    2012 78.95%
    2013 51.43%
    2014 62.07%
    2015 43.59%
    2016 58.33%
    2017 59.37%
    2018 47.22%
    2019 20.00%
    2020 37.83%

    Rank Holders


    Year : 2019 - 22

    Rank : TENTH

    Name : SOORYA S A

    Year : 2019 - 22

    Rank : 17 TH

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